Feeding Those in Need: Northwest Arkansas Food Bank

northwest arkansas food bank

Rebekah Lamb is full of volunteer spirit and is a kid of few words. She is full of loving spirit and works to better the community in which she lives.

Rebekah, age 10, attends J.B. Hunt Elementary School in Springdale and regularly volunteers at the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. But, that’s not her only community involvement.

“I volunteered for Camp War Eagle,” she said, quietly.  “So, I decided to do this. I like volunteering and helping other people who are in need of food. Some people don’t have food and it’s important to help them.”

Rebekah is obviously touched by the plight of those who don’t have enough to fill their stomachs.

“It’s sad that some people don’t have enough to eat,” she said. “I got started because I wanted to help. Me and my daddy like to help.”

Rebekah enjoys the time she and her dad, Matt, spend together volunteering at the NWA Food Bank. It’s been a regular activity for more than a year.

“It helps people,” she said. “It can be really fun. I have fun just being able to help and knowing that I am able to make a difference. There are a lot of people there, like Ms. Trina. She works there and makes it fun.”

Rebekah doesn’t limit herself to volunteering at the food bank. She and her mother have volunteered at other not-for-profits.

“I sometimes volunteer at the animal shelter with my mom and sister,” she added. “It’s fun too. I like animals. I help feed them and I pet them and it makes me feel good. It’s very helpful and I think that people my age should help.”