Get in the Game at Springdale’s Fun City

springdale's fun city

Allison Jackson might just have a dream job.

“It’s a lot of fun,” she said of her marketing job at Springdale’s Fun City. “It’s a good environment to work in.”

Allison gets paid to have fun and make sure everyone around the region hears about Fun City, an indoor arcade and mini golf center.

“Fun City is a family entertainment center with over 80 arcade games,” Allison explained. “We have a good mix of new and old games, which is a good mix for adults and kids who come to play.”

Fun City gets packed with kids and kids at heart, all having a great time competing with each other on games like “Wheel of Fortune,” “Jurassic Park” and other new and classic arcade games.

The competition really heats up on Fun City’s indoor golf course where kids can challenge each other and their adults.

“We an indoor mini golf course with18 holes,” she said. “We have a free indoor play area with sky tubes and slides and that kind of fun stuff. It’s meant for kids of all ages.”

While Fun City does offer a lot for kids ages 5 to 12, they also make sure there are activities for the younger kids.

“We have an area called Tot Town that’s good for kids 2– to 4-years old. We have something for everybody of all ages.”

Allison said… “It’s a very rewarding job and I to get to see families come in together and play together. It’s great.”

The interaction between younger and older generations of gamers at Fun City sometimes makes Allison smile a little.

“A lot of people still enjoy the old school games,” she said. “I think arcade games have gotten really high tech. When kids see the older games and people playing them, the looks on their faces can get a little funny.”

Kids, she said, are not afraid to call their adults out and make fun of them.

“It’s funny to watch,” she said.  “If they are with their parents they say… ‘You used to play this?’ With all of these games this is what you use to play?

The older games at Fun City include Pac Man and Galaga. There are a couple classics games that haven’t changed much like the cranes and little claws that grab prizes.

Fun City is a token based operation with no admission. Players compete and earn credits and tickets. The tickets can be redeemed for hundreds of different prizes available.

“Our standard tokens are four for a $1,” she said. “But, special packages are available. Once you get up to $10, it’ 50 tokens, so you get 10 tokens for free.”

Competing for prizes and bragging rights can make a kid hungry. Fun City has concessions covered with Fun City Pizza, hot wings and even a salad bar for the kids watching what they eat. Of course, there are plenty of candy, flavored slushes and other “healthy” options for everyone… young and adult alike.


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