Little Things Count: Local Mom Teaches Her Kids to Volunteer

mom teaches her kids to volunteer

Local Mom Works to Make Volunteering Top of Mind For Young Family

By Dave Woods

Amanda Brewer knows even the little things you do can make a difference. The recently crowned Mrs. Northwest Arkansas and awesome mom teaches her kids to volunteer and give back to the community in any way they can, even if it’s dropping off a couple gallons of milk a couple times a month at the local Ronald McDonald House. Her knowledge of the charity, which provides a home away from home for families with sick kids at area hospitals, came about after a family member discovered the RMH in Springfield.

“My cousin has a child that is the same age as my oldest,” she said. “He was born at 25 weeks. They were in Missouri and he was in the hospital and they didn’t have money to stay at a hotel. Someone said check out the Ronald McDonald House in Springfield. They did and they stayed about a month.”

That exposure to the good works done by the Ronald McDonald House Charity led her to start looking into the organization and to eventually volunteer and support the local houses.

“I got involved through her experience in the first place,” Amanda said. “I didn’t really know there were houses in Northwest Arkansas. I searched online and found it and figured out how to get involved with their wish list and serving dinners for families.

Amanda said that dropping off items from the wish list on the Ronald McDonald House web site is a good way to help when you don’t have a lot of free time. But, every bit helps. Including providing milk for the house a couple times a month.

“Doing a wish list item was a good way to get involved,” she explained. “I didn’t have the time, but I had the resources. So, this was the best way to give back. Occasionally, I’ll do a dinner for the house. I’ve done that three times now and I’ll do dinners two times next month.”

Amanda said she is always impressing the importance of volunteerism on her kids.

“I try to teach them in general that just volunteering is good,” she said. “It’s good to help other people when you can. There is always some point in your life where you might need help. I just hope they feel the same way that I do when I volunteer. I’m always trying to instill that in them. In my mind that’s my legacy that my good works can be continued through them even when I’m not around.”

Burgundy Harrison, 9, Home schooled

“I know volunteering here helps a lot of families stay close to their children in the hospital. And it helps the world. It makes me feel good inside to know I helped somebody. I want people to know that it really helps the world especially with Ronald McDonald House.”

Adyliene Harrison, 5, Bentonville Tennie Russel Primary School, Pre-K.

“Mom buys milk and I give it to the Ronald McDonald House.”

Adyliene Harrison, 5, Bentonville Tennie Russel Primary School, Pre-K.

“Mom buys milk and I give it to the Ronald McDonald House.”

Search the hashtag #WishlistWednesday

for RMH wish list requests


Common Wish List Items

• Scentsy’s
• Swiffer Wet Jet Pads
• Individual Toothbrushes
• Steam Mop
• Paper Towls
• Individual bags of chips
• Little Debbies
• Freezer Meals
• Snack Items
• Lunchables
• Bottled Water
• Canned Soda
• Milk
• Keurig K-cups
• Snack Food Items
• Individual Size Frozen Meals
• Small Trash Bags

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkoma strives to benefit Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma through four core programs: Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Mercy Hospital NWA in Rogers and at Mercy Hospital Fort Smith, a Ronald McDonald House at Washington Regional in Fayetteville, and a Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.


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