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rodeo season

Local Kids Ready for Rodeo Season in the Ozarks

Riley Berner, loves a rodeo. “I like the bull riding,” the 9-year-old Senora Elementary School student said.  “It’s exciting and sometimes the bull kicks them back. You have to be tough.”

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Gaming on the Go: What Kind of Gamer Are You?

Passing the time on a long summer car trip used to be difficult. You would bring lots of crayons and coloring books, card games to play and CDs to listen to. These days, there are many more electronic options to keep your brain occupied as you head toward your...

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healthier generation

Sprouting a Healthier Generation: Apple Seeds

Lily Scharnhorst, a student at Fayetteville, enjoyed her Apple Seeds experience. “It was really fun,” she said.  “I loved the people teaching it. They were really nice and helped you understand what was happening. In the program they taught us all about food and how to cook it, cut...

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kid heroes

Kid Heroes Come in All Kinds: Evan Lee

Evan Lee, never meets a stranger. From the moment you see him, his bright smile, positive personality and bright green walker instantly draw you into conversation with him. Before you know it, you’ve made a new friend.

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volunteer opportunities for all ages

It’s Never Too Early: Kid Heroes Volunteer at NWA Food Bank

Jasmin Henry knows that people are going without food in Northwest Arkansas. That’s one reason she volunteers at the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. “People having enough food is a problem,” the 10-year-old fourth grader at Sonora Elementary School in Springdale said.  “It makes me feel good. I like volunteering....

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Branson's track family fun parks

On Track for Summer Fun: Branson’s Track Family Fun Parks

Hey kids! If you have a need for speed, then The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson have you covered. “We specialize in high-rise go-karting,” Julie Wilson said. “We have three high rise tracks that are unique to the Midwest.  They are multi-story, go-kart tracks... two wooden tracks and...

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volunteer opportunities for all ages

A Job For Everyone: Volunteer Opportunities for all Ages

Trina Wilson likes her job. She is the volunteer coordinator and senior mobile pantry coordinator for the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. She gets excited working with her kid volunteers.

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Shiloh Museum

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Shiloh Museum

With more than five years under her belt as Shiloh Museum’s education manager, Judy Costello is still having fun. “I get to interact with kids,” she said. “I get to help them learn and bring history to life.  I get to see them growing up. I have some kids...

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