Strike a Pose: Back to School Fashion

school fashion

An Official Kids Mag Fashion Feature

What happens when you set seven kids free in a department store and tell them to pick any clothes they want for a back to school fashion shoot? They go wild!
Official Kids Mag recently brought seven fashionable kids together at Dillard’s Department Store in Fayetteville and did just that.
The first challenge: Pick out a casual set of clothes you would like to wear back to school, and then find a sporty outfit for a dressy occasion.
No surprise… the guys hit the racks and came back in short order with their togs in hand. The girls, however, were a little more particular in their selection of apparel.
A big “Thank you” to the folks at Dillard’s Department Store for lending us the clothes and to Northwest Arkansas Mall for allowing us to shoot. An even bigger “Thanks” to the kids and adults who volunteered their time to help us pull off this fashion shoot.
Take 188 photos, 14 outfits, 7 kids and their 4 adults, 2 store managers, 3 interns, 1 tired Official Kids Mag photo shoot team and it was a wrap. Official Kids Mag loves it when a plan comes together.


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