A Lifelong Responsibility: One Family’s Love of Rescue Dogs

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Fayetteville Family Shares Their Love of Rescue Dogs

By Dave Woods • Official Kids Mag

The Bryan sisters love their rescue dogs.
“They are very funny and loving,” said Chloe Bryan, an 11-year-old McNair Middle School student. “They love attention and they are just awesome. One is a Maltipoo, two are terrier mixes and one is a Labradoodle mix.”
Millie, her 7-year-old sister, who attends Butterfield Elementary, wholeheartedly agreed.
“I love them because they are really sweet,” she said. “They love a lot of people.”
All of the Bryan family’s dogs are adopted from local shelters. It’s become a family tradition, and Chloe is firm in her belief that rescuing a pet in need is a great thing.
“We go to the shelter and we look for a dog that we think needs some loving care,” she explained. “We adopt them and they feel good inside because we saved their lives and made them feel better. We feel very good because we saved a life, brought it into our home and they will have a family that will love them.”
Asked which of their furry friends was their favorite, Chloe made it clear: “They are like family, we can’t choose.”

Family tradition
Chloe and Millie’s mom, Circuit Judge Beth Storey Bryan, has shared her lifelong love of pets with her two daughters and King, her 14-year-old son.
“Growing up we always had a large group of pets,” Judge Bryan said. “We always had a large dog, a couple of cats and even rabbits and Guinea pigs. We lived out towards Goshen (AR) and had lots of acres and lots of animals to love. I think it was my parents who instilled their love of animals in me.”
Having an extended family of fur babies around the house is good for her kids, she said.
“Not only are the animals loving the kids, and the kids are loving the animals. It teaches them about responsibility and the importance of rescuing dogs who don’t have homes.”
After rescuing so many dogs from local shelters, the Bryan family now has a tested system for determining what dog to adopt.
“We always bring our other dogs to meet it,” she said. “If it’s a good fit, we bring them home that day. They are all different and not all well behaved or well mannered, but they are a lot of fun.”
Fun, but a mammoth responsibility comes with pet ownership.
“If you have a pet, it’s a lifelong responsibility,” she added. “We recently lost a dog that was 18-years old. They really are a huge part of our family. There is a huge unwanted pet population and our shelters are always full. You won’t find a more loyal dog – or cat – than one that you rescue.”

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