Giving Back: Kids Volunteering to Find Their Passions

kids volunteering

United Way Officer Hopes Kids Will Volunteer to Help Find Their Passions

By Dave Woods • Official Kids Mag

Kids volunteering for organizations is a great way to make a difference and be a kid hero. When it comes to community involvement and its importance for adults and kids alike, Christina Hinds knows what she is talking about. “We all grow up in our own socioeconomic groups and networks,” she said. “With kids it’s in their own schools. Volunteering lets them see a broader community in the world they live.” Christina, vice president for resource development for United Way of Northwest Arkansas, has spent years working with not-for-profit organizations, many of which are dependent on volunteers for extra help working on community projects and events. Kids and their adults are a great resource for those organizations.

“There is always a way to give back,” she said. “When kids are young it’s good to get involved with volunteer opportunities at their own schools. A lot of schools have clubs and organizations. Kids who like to read books or kids collecting canned food for a charity can make a difference. It’s a great way to be get that sense of philanthropy at a very young age.”
With area kids heading back to school soon, Christina doesn’t want them to miss out on a volunteer opportunity to get involved. Every little bit helps, she said.

“A lot of schools give kids the opportunity to have leadership roles in their own building and classroom,” she said. “They can help coordinate programs and that helps them find their passions. That’s key for kids at a young age… finding out what they get excited about. It could be animal shelters or picking up trash or collect something for someone in need. It’s great to start finding those passions at a young age.”

Want to get involved and become a Kid Hero? Of course you do!

The 11th annual Fill the Bus school supply drive

“It’s a great activity that kids and their adults can sign up for and volunteer to make sure kids they are in school with have all of the supplies they need to kick off the year. Last year we collected supplies that affected over 35,000 kids in Northwest Arkansas.” – Christina Hinds, United Way of NWA

When: Friday and Saturday, Aug. 3rd and 4th
NWA Walmart Super Centers in Benton, Madison, and Washington counties in Arkansas, and McDonald County in Missouri. Supplies collected during the drive go directly to students in the school district the Super Center is located.

Fill the Bus is a partnership between United Way of NWA, Bic, 3M, Walmart, Crayola, Coca-Cola and Rapid Prototypes.

Visit to learn more.

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