School Choice: Important to Arkansas

school choice important to arkansas

By Dave Woods • Official Kids Mag

Dr. Martin W. Schoppmeyer, Jr. is excited about the upcoming School Choice Arkansas Schools and Community expo.

“We want to showcase the educational options in Northwest Arkansas,” he explained. “We want people to be able to make an educated choice about which institution best suits their child’s goals, aspirations and needs.”

Schoppmeyer is founder and superintendent of schools at Hass Hall Academy and serves as CEO and is the founder of School Choice Arkansas. The Schools and Community Expo is a free event to explore educational opportunities in Northwest Arkansas. Businesses, organizations, and community groups will provide information on arts, sports, tutoring, and after-school care, according to

“No longer are families limited by the zip code in which they live to determine what school  they can attend,” he said. “We have a multitude of private and public options that don’t have traditional school boundaries.”

There are more school choices now than ever before with public schools, charter schools and private schools, Schoppmeyer detailed.

The one-day event will allow families to identify schools that meet their expectations and needs.

“Families will also have an opportunity to  get exposed to various community resources,” he said.  “We can assist  with their decisions not only when it comes to finding a school, but also when it’s finding a dentist or a doctor.”

Schoppmeyer offers a suggestion for anyone wanting to attend the event.

“Just come with an open mind,” he said.  “Mingle and meet some folks and walk away  with resources that they previously didn’t have.”


School Choice Arkansas empowers all of Arkansas to make informed, educated decisions about their children’s educational pathway.

We can help you find the best schools in Arkansas. No longer is one’s educational opportunities limited to a zip code.

Our search engine is based on ACT Aspire testing data, which is an objective metric for assessing the quality of education offered by schools.

Our mission is to empower you to make the best educational decisions possible for your child.