Celebrate Your Home Planet: Happy Earth Day!

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Earth Day began on April 22, 1970, in San Francisco, California. It was a way to show support for the environment. Now, it’s celebrated in more than 193 countries. It’s a way to show your love for the planet that you and the rest of the people, plants and animals call home.

We know that a lot of Official Kids Mag readers already recycle and try to find ways to help the earth.

Look for an Earth Day event near you or have fun with some of these Earth Day activities:

• Hoof it or two-wheel it. Hop on your bike or skateboard or walk instead of going somewhere by car, if you can. The fewer cars on the road, the less pollution in the air.

• Get your hands in the dirt. Plant a tree, a tomato plant or even some seeds. Trees help lower greenhouse gas emissions, and provide homes for birds. If you don’t have a yard for a garden, window boxes and large pots work just as well.

• Live like it was 100 years ago. Try a day without a cellphone, tablet, computer or television. You might ask your parents if you can even avoid using electric lights. Use candles when it gets dark, play cards or board games, go for a bike ride, or simply talk or sing. Read an Earth Day book, like “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss.

• Pick up trash in your neighborhood, at a beach, in a park or other public place. Bring trash bags and wear gloves.

• Take care of the birds. Make a pine cone birdfeeder by covering cones with shortening or peanut butter mixed with an equal amount of oatmeal or corn meal, roll in birdseed, hang on a tree branch. Or string cheerios on a length of yarn or string and hang in a tree. Or make a birdhouse out of a milk carton.

• Put on your “nature glasses.” Take a hike, walk around the park or just around the block and take time to really look at the birds, the trees, the rocks, even the earthworms. Look up at the cloud, or gaze at the stars. Notice all the cool things about the earth.

By Karen Rice

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