Create a Fairy Garden: A Magical Craft

create a fairy garden

A long time ago, people started to tell stories about tiny flower fairies, mythical beings that sometimes “appear” in the human world. They drew pictures of them, sitting on mushrooms, riding on mice and sleeping in bird’s nests. Fairies have wings, come in many forms and have magical powers. Fairies appear in fictional books like “Peter Pan,” “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” and, of course, in fairy tales. If you like the imaginary world of fairies, you can attract them by making a fairy garden for them to come and visit. It is said that fairies bring good luck wherever they go! Learn how to make your very own fairy garden below.

You can make a fairy garden in just about any container, indoors or out. It is well-known that fairies like small and shiny objects like old buttons, charms and paperclips. They do not like human money however, which is why the tooth fairy leaves it under your pillow when she collects your teeth.

To make a fairy garden, here are some of the things you’ll need:

· A container, such as a flowerpot, basket, bucket, or another thing that will hold soil

· Potting soil

· Stones, pebbles and glass baubles or marbles

· Pea gravel

· Small plants, such as clover, moss, herbs and succulents

· Twigs

· Miniature garden accessories and figures

1. Choose your container or location. Decide where to place the fairy garden. Hollowed-out tree stumps make great places for fairy gardens. You can use containers you already have, such as old pots, hanging baskets, picnic baskets, an old teapot or cookie tins. Wooden birdhouses with their roofs removed also can make great places for fairy gardens.

2. Choose a theme if you want. A theme can help you decide what to include in your garden. For example, a seaside theme can include seashells and colored stones, and maybe little reclining chairs.

3. Fill your container with planting material. If your container doesn’t have holes for drainage, add small rocks to the bottom of the container, then add the soil. Before you plant, arrange the plants, furniture and other things to see how your garden will look. Then use a spoon or small trowel to plant the greenery.

4. Don’t forget a fairy dwelling. You’ll need a house or shelter for the fairies. Small bird houses can work, but you also can make a homemade house with bark and twigs. Use your imagination!!

5. Add your whimsical touches to attract the fairies. Use gravel and stones for a walkway. Many craft stores even sell ceramic and plastic fairy furnishings. Some peat moss or Spanish moss can be a good finishing touch.

6. Invite the fairies. Welcome the fairies to take up residence (fairies often show up at night and tend to remain unseen) or create your own fairies using craft supplies.

Once you get started, you’ll probably want to create entire fairy villages!

By Karen Rice

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