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It’s Just Plain Weird

Flamingos of Mumbai For the past few years, Mumbai, India has experienced increasing numbers of flamingos visiting a part of the city. Most seasons record 20,000 to 40,000 of the pink, long-legged visitors. But this year, flamingo counts tally around 120,000. The Bombay Natural History Society monitor the flamingos...

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Running the Hogeye

By Renee Durham Official Kids Mag Early Saturday, April 6, seven-year-old Jacob H. got up when it was still dark out, earlier than on school days.  He had a light breakfast of a lemon flavored granola bar and set out complete the Hogeye Run, his first 5K race....

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It’s Time to Thank a Nurse

By Karen Rice Official Kids Mag If you’ve ever been to the hospital, the doctor’s office, or even the nurse’s office at school, chances are a nurse has taken care of you. If you were born in a hospital, a nurse was probably one of the first people you...

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Bring it to the Bin

Kids Grow Green in Northwest Arkansas Last month, kids from all over our area went to the Bentonville Square’s First Friday event. The theme of the event was “Growing Greener,” and while they had fun, kids learned a little about recycling and protecting the earth. From bottles made from...

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Hero on Duty

Special to Official Kids Mag Julianna, an 11 year old, 5th grade student of Branson Elementary has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club of the Ozarks since she was seven years old. She attends the Club as a ‘tween’ member where she participates in fun activities...

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Make Your Own Greeting Cards

It’s a great time to make a card for Mother’s Day on May 12, and here are a few ideas to help you get started!  You might need some help with a couple of these steps so grab your adult and get creative. Step 1. Making the a Greeting card...

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A Super Power Called Kindness

By Suzanne Rhodes Photo courtesy Wayne Rhodes Ruby Kate Chitsey started a movement that’s taken the world by storm—or you could say, by heart. It’s called Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. The amazing 11-year-old girl from Harrison, Arkansas wants to do good, and she’s raised nearly $250,000 through her...

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Kids Grow

It’s time to grow! Winter is done, and the days are getting longer. Growing plants is a great way to surprise your family. Strawberries are easy to grow, and nothing is better then harvesting and eating food you grow yourself. It’s easy to get started so grab...

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