Running the Hogeye Run: A 5K Race Adventure

running the hogeye 5k race

Early Saturday, April 6, seven-year-old Jacob H. got up when it was still dark out, earlier than on school days.  He had a light breakfast of a lemon flavored granola bar and set out complete the Hogeye Run, his first 5K race.

He was inspired to run this race after watching his dad and mom participate a month earlier at a race in Little Rock.  He wanted to run with his family.  On Friday, April 5, he came to the Jones Center to pick up his race packet, excited that he was going to be running with his dad.

He practiced the whole month before the race.  When the weather was bad, he ran on the treadmill at home.  Recently at school, when the class had a choice of going outside or staying in, Jacob hit the track.  He ran three laps around the quarter-mile track.

Jacob says his dad helps him pace himself when they practice at home, although Jacob explained how he thinks about running, “I set little goals during the race.  I say to myself that I will make it to the yellow car.  Then when I get there, I make another goal.

Jacob explained a 5K is actually 3.1 miles and he really wants to do another race.  He took second place in the male – nine and under category.  He was close to getting first place.  And he crossed the finish line three minutes before his mom.

Since he finished the Hogeye 5K run, he has been planning his future – first he wanted to be a Tyson worker, then a video game worker, but now he wants to be a runner.  And he thinks he wants to participate in the Arvest 5K next.

“My mom and dad were so proud of me when I crossed the finish line. My legs were getting tired, I was really tired”

What makes racing difficult for this 7 year old is Jacob has asthma.  He didn’t run the race because he has asthma, but over time it will help him strengthen his lungs. And Jacob does a lot of running.

When his family goes to the park, he helps his little sister by pushing the carousel for his sister while she rides on it.  He thinks his little sister might start running too.  Apparently she is competitive, and gets cranky when you pass her.  This is a competitive family.

Jacob is a first grade student at Shaw Elementary School.  He says “My teacher, Miss Spears, was really proud of me.  Every one at school knew I raced on Saturday because I was wearing my medal.“

His advice for any kids who want to run – don’t go superfast. Stay with your parents, and at the finish line, that’s when you run fast.

Hogeye Race Director Tabby Holmes explained, “There were 11 kids who were 9 years old or younger out of 338 who finished the race.

By Renee Durham
Official Kids Mag

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