I Scream, You Scream, We All Tried NEW Ice Cream!

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A bunch of adventurous kids gathered at Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store at 2511 N College Ave in Fayetteville to test some new flavors. Krissy, the store manager dished up Cookie Monster, Oatmeal Cookie, Strawberry Blondie and Deep Raspberry Ganache for all our junior judges to sample.

The results are in! All the ice cream was good, but Cookie Monster was the clear favorite. Here’s what the judges had to say.

Danielle, who “likes all of them” said: “Loved the Cookie Monster the best cause of color and flavor, liked the Strawberry Blondie next, then the Oatmeal Cookie. Deep Raspberry Ganache was good, but I liked other three better.

Amelia picked Oatmeal Cookie because “It taste like my mommy’s oatmeal and I like her oatmeal.”

Bryce told us: “The Cookie Monster had Oreos. I really
like Oreos.”

Allie explained “I love chocolate and the Deep Raspberry Ganache was full of chocolate! I love the mini pieces of chocolate in it, too.”

Bishop, an ice cream authority says, “I love the flavor fusion in the Cookie Monster with the birthday cake, the cookie dough, and chocolate chips.”

Whit selected Strawberry Blondie; simply stating “It’s Good.”

Ava chose Cookie Monster and said, “I like the Cookie Monster because of the flavor, color, and cookie dough.”

George’s thoughts were “Chocolate is one of my favorite flavors, and I liked the raspberries in it.”

Matheu said “I really like cookie dough. Mix that with the ice cream and it equals deliciousness.”

Henry chose Cookie Monster “because of cookie flavor.”

Emma Kate said, “I liked it because it tastes like cookies” when picking Cookie Monster.

Rylee said, “I liked the Cookie Monster the best because it had a yummy cotton candy flavor.”

Brianne explained “I love the raspberry because it’s rich and there
is chocolate.”

Cookie Monster was a hit with Whitney “because to me it tasted like blue raspberry.”

Slade picked cookie monster “because Oreos are my favorite cookies. And it is just good.

“I liked Cookie Monster because it was different than normal cookie dough, and it tasted good,” said Lauren.

If you get the chance, go see what Braum’s Ice Cream flavor is your favorite and let us know at
facebook.com/official kids mag.

Official Kids Mag wants to thank our friends at Braum’s Ice Cream for hosting such a fun taste-test.

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