Kids and Their Pets: Nova

kids and their pets nova and Greyson

Kids and Their Pets: Nova

My dog’s name is Nova. My mom says Nova is a Velcro Doberman. That just means that she likes to always be with her people. When she was a little puppy, we rescued Nova from someone who wasn’t very nice to her. When we first brought her home, she was very scared and skinny. We had to be very gentle and calm with her and we took good care of her, and now, she takes good care of us. Sometimes we call her Mama Nova because she watches over us so closely. She even watches me when I get on the bus to go to school in the mornings and waits for my bus in the afternoon. While I’m at school, she helps my mom work and plays dress up with my little brother. I think she is the best dog ever!

– Greyson K.


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