The Well-Dressed Doggo

well-dressed doggo pet clothing

Do you think your furry friend needs a sense of style? Consider these tips when buying clothing for your dog so they will be the most well-dressed doggo at the dog park.

• Be certain of measurements. Measure a dog from neck to tail, as this is how many manufacturers size their apparel.
• Like children, puppies grow quickly so avoid buying too many items for a growing puppy.
• Dogs get dirty and so do their clothes! Look for items that are maching washable and can be washed frequently.
• Zippers can catch on fur or skin, making dogs reluctant to wear clothes, so look for buttons, snaps or other closures instead of zippers.
• Select well-fitting pieces that are neither too tight nor too loose. This way dogs can move around unencumbered and will not trip and fall.
• Some dogs like clothing, while others may bite and pull at clothes. Do not force dogs to wear something if they don’t like it.

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