Kids and Their Pets: Spanky & Sonja

kids and their pets

Kids and Their Pets: Spanky and Sonja


These are my two dogs, Spanky is the black and white one while the other dog is named Sonja, a Blue heeler mix. Our best guess at Spanky is that he’s a hound mix, but we’re not sure since we adopted him from a shelter. We have had them both for about 5 years and its crazy to see how much they have grown! When we first adopted them we could barley open gates or doors with out them trying to bolt and escape, but now they are mellow and relaxed. They also used to be a little scared of each other and wouldn’t get very close, but now they are like brother and sister and love to play chase and run around with each other. My dogs are so sweet and goofy, and just the best dogs out there!

Anna T., age 13


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