Pizza Party Contest!

create a planet pizza party contest

By Karen Rice • Official Kids Mag

Some kids from Northwest Arkansas had fun recently at the Fayetteville Public Library creating their own planets in an “Out of this World” craft activity.
They made their own planets with paper, watercolor paints, pom poms and other supplies. You can make your own planet too! Start with a piece of black construction paper and glue a piece of white paper on it, that you have cut into a circle. Decorate with paints, pom poms, torn paper, even aluminum foil.
You might want to add stick-on stars to the black background.
Make up a name for your planet. Make up a story about who or what lives on your planet. What is the atmosphere like there? What is it made of? Is it hot or cold? Can humans survive there? What kinds of animals live there? Would you want to live there? Why or why not? Are there seasons on your planet? What does the landscape look like? Is there water on your planet? Are there cities and towns there? What do the people or species who live there look like? Are they friendly? Are they dangerous? Do they have magical powers?
Tell us about your planet, send us a picture and a story about your planet and you will be entered in our pizza party contest!

Create a Planet Contest
You could win tickets for you and seven of your friends to go to the movies at MALCO Theatre. Kids, send a picture and a story about your planet. Entries must be postmarked by July 19, and the winner will be selected July 29.

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