Green Kids: Crayola Marker ColorCycle Program

green kid

By Renee Durham • Official Kids Mag

All you kids know about Crayola markers, and how great they are to color with. But what happens to them when they run out of color or dry up?

Do you throw them in the trash?

We know you like to be good stewards of our earth and environment by not wasting resources so we will tell you a secret.  Crayola has a program called ColorCycle where they work with schools across North America and parts of Canada to collect and repurpose all those old markers. 

Ask your teacher or principal if your school can join the ColorCycle program and start fresh this school year with a new way to help recycling.  Your teacher can sign up by going to  The shipping is free and your whole school can join together to help make our world a little greener.  And Crayola will recycle all brands of markers, not just their own. Working as a team, all you Green Kids can help others participate too.

Here are a few more ideas to help:

Offer to help pre-schools and day-cares participate in the ColorCycle program by collecting all their old markers.

See if your teacher can give a prize to the kid who brings in the most markers.

Make posters of other items you might be able to recycle.

Look up other recycling programs you’re school might want to participate in.

You can’t make a difference if you don’t try.

And don’t forget to TELL US ABOUT IT!  We want to know what you kids are doing and share it with the world!  Have your teacher or adult email to let us know if you have a special recycling day or collection day for markers.