Kids and Their Pets: Marko the Magnificent

kid's pet

A kid’s pet can be their best friend! Meet Marko the Magnificent.

He’s a friend to three young girls who think he is awesome. See what they have to say about their furry friend:


“One thing that I love about Marko is that he lights up my day when I’m sad or lonely. He’s like a miracle worker but he’s a dog so it’s amazing. He also makes me laugh a lot. When I first saw him I was scared of him but now I love him to death!!”


“People always say that a dog is a mans best friend but it can also be a woman’s. Marko is my best friend, he always seems to know when I’m sad and he is always the first one to make me smile, he’ll just randomly walk in my room, sit down and stare at me when I’m sad. It makes me laugh every time and as soon as I laugh he walks out. And sometimes in the middle of the night he will come and check on me, he just walks in looks at me and then walks out. I love my dog and I wouldn’t ever trade him for another, he is the one and only Marko.”


“I love Marko for a lot of reasons. I love Marko because he makes me happy when I’m sad or hurt, he checks on me before I go to bed or when I’m sick, he is cute, he is very playful and funny, he is super smart, and he is the best dog I could ever ask for.”


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