Kids and Their Pets: Anna

Laylah loves her dog, Anna! Her letter reads:

“I love Anna. She is funny when I throw her toy. She will run half way with her toy and then drop it and just come to. When I get hurt, she will come over to check on me. She has a black tongue and I think that’s super cool. I love Anna and she loves me. Me and Anna are going to be best friends FOREVER!”



Did you know?

An amazing sense of smell is one of the many interesting things about dogs. Dogs’ noses secrete a thin layer of mucus to help keep them moist and enable them to absorb scents. Dogs also will frequently lick their noses to sample smells through another sensory organ – their mouths. Unlike humans, who have about 5 million scent glands, dogs have no less than 125 million and as many as 300 million such glands, depending on the breed. Dogs’ ability to sniff things out is far stronger than humans’. A dog’s nostrils, or nares, can move independently of one another, helping man’s best friend pinpoint the location from which a smell is coming.


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