A Spooky Local Legend: Beware the Boggy Creek Monster

boggy creek monster

Down along the Sulphur River creek beds near Fouke, Arkansas, legend has it that there lives a strange beast. Folks have reported sightings the “Fouke Monster” or “Boggy Creek Monster” for more than 100 years in this southwestern Arkansas town.

Like a southern version of Big Foot or Sasquatch, the monster has been described as seven feet tall, walking upright like a large man, and covered with hair. Some have reported that it has a smelly, animal odor.

The beast is reported to have killed chicken, cattle, dogs, and livestock in the Ozark backcountry but has never harmed a human. It was first sighted in the 1840s and there have been sightings and encounters by hunters, citizens, and even a police officer throughout the years.

In 1973 they even made a movie about the monster called “The Legend of Boggy Creek.”

Frightening encounters with the beast are still being reported today. 1997 was a big “Boggy Creek” year, with more than 40 sightings! And in 1998, there was a sighting of the monster along a dry creek bed about 5 miles south of town.

The Fouke Monster was allegedly last seen near the junction of the Sulphur and Red Rivers. The creek is marked by a small plaque on the bridge just south of town.

Is the monster a legend or reality? No one knows for sure. If you visit Fouke and don’t see the monster, you can always stop by the “Monster Mart” convenience store on Highway 71 in town and see a display of historic Boggy Creek Monster items and maybe get a Fouke Monster t-shirt or souvenir. 

By Karen Rice • Official Kids Mag