Kids and Their Pets: Aiden and Landon Have 6 of Them

We have six pets in our house: a dog named Cleo, three cats—Shadow, Kitty-baby and Nibbler, and two bearded dragon lizards—Ghostface and Fat Boy. Cleo is a 9-month old puppy and she likes playing with Nibbler, our youngest cat. Cleo and Shadow, the oldest cat, sometimes sleep in Cleo’s crate together. Nibbler tries to eat Cleo’s dog food. We have to put the cats’ food on the windowsill, otherwise Cleo will eat it. Sometimes Cleo and Nibbler chase each other around the house.

The lizards only move fast when they’re chasing their dinner: crickets!

Aiden, 7 years old and Landon, 9 years old.


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