Science Fun at Secchi Day

Hey kids, did you know that Beaver Lake is the source of drinking water for one in seven people in Arkansas? Plus, it’s one of our most beautiful natural resources. Some kids around town recently learned all about the water we drink and had a lot of fun at the 14th annual Secchi Day at beautiful Prairie Creek Park on Beaver Lake in Rogers.

The free science festival and water appreciation event was for all ages. Secchi Day is named for the Secchi disk, a device that measures water clarity. Early in the morning, citizen science volunteers, using their own boats, collected water samples and took readings using a Secchi disk by dropping it in the water to see how clear the water was.

The activities on the lakeshore focused on the importance of Beaver Lake for the quality of life in northwest Arkansas.

Kids and their families spent time with education specialists doing fun science activities, visiting the Beaver Lake Fire Department truck, trying a kayak, making crafts to take home, listening to mini-concerts, making handmade instruments, singing songs and more. There were stations for learning about the ecology of the lake and how to create your own Secchi disk.

There were also free healthy snacks and lunch, giveaways, prize drawings and more.

One mom said her children were not excited about going at first, but once they got there they had so much fun with all the activities and didn’t want to leave!

By Karen Rice • Official Kids Mag

Photos by Susan Ugalde