Green Kids: Great Arkansas Trash Cleanup Day


Do you like going to state parks? 

The Official Kids Mag loves to meet new friends when they are out walking on the trail, or boating, or fishing, or just having a camp out with family.  But who empties the garbage or cleans up the parks?  Some of these parks are huge! Park employees work hard to keep all the parks beautiful. They pull weeds, and empty trash cans, but there are still people who throw trash on the ground or don’t take very good care of the planet. We have to keep our state parks clean.  Always try to leave parks and campgrounds better then when you got there. This group of kids met up at Lake Fort Smith state park for Great Arkansas Cleanup day, and spent a few hours picking up trash. 

Here is what they learned:

  • Picking up other peoples garbage isn’t fun
  • Getting out in the fresh air is fun
  • Raccoons, opossums and other animals also help spread garbage
  • Working with others to get the job done is called teamwork
  • Meeting new friends can be easy
  • Sometimes you get hot dogs on the grill when you help
  • Park employees Heather and Courtney give away great prizes when you help pick up trash.

The main thing these great helpers want everyone to know is DON’T LITTER!


By Renee Durham

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