Off to the Races: Kids and Their Pets


Corgis and dachshunds raced for the finish line in the 13th annual Weiner Takes All Race last month in Bella Vista. There was even a dog costume contest. The event helped support the Bella Vista Animal Shelter. Furry fun was had by all!


Isabella, 10, and her dog Dexter

“Dexter is 8 years old. I have had him about 3 years. He’s part Corgi and part Chihuahua. He didn’t race today, he’s pretty lazy. He’s very sweet, though. His favorite thing to do is sleep.”


Checotah, 9, and his dog Sophie

“Sophie is four years old. She’s very playful. She likes to play catch. I taught her how to fetch. She’s my friend. Last year she won second place in two races but this year she didn’t race.”


Claire, 8, and her dog George

“George is my buddy. He’s five years old. His favorite thing to do is eat. He didn’t race today. He’s not very fast.”


Bella, 9, and her Corgi, William the Conqueror

(William didn’t quite conquer, but came in second in one of the races.) “William and I grew up together. He’s very kind. He will give kisses, but only if asked in Spanish!”


Wedington Animal Hospital Pet Safety Tip

No bones about it, don’t share your holiday feast with your pets! We tend to see an increase in Pancreatitis (too much fatty foods) & turkey bone issues (cooked bones are harder on animals) during the holiday season when people share their holiday feast with their pets!!

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By Karen Rice

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