Do You Want to be a Kid with a Pet? Meet Savannah and Bagera!


Do you want to be a kid with a pet? Pets are snuggly, lovable and a lot of fun to have. Some greet you at the door when you get home. Some curl up in bed to sleep with you.  Some live in tanks. Some live in water.  And you can learn a bunch from owning a pet.

Pets are also a big responsibility.  They need to be fed and cared for; played with and you have to clean up after them.  If you think you are ready to have a pet of your own, you should talk it over with your adult.  

Then you and your adult have to decide what kind of pet.  And there are so many different kinds to choose from; cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, snakes, spiders, guinea pigs, pot-bellied pigs, lizards, turtles, and we know we missed some. 

If you decide to get a pet, shelters are a good place to start. They have pets that need a home and family and someone to love them.  Here are some we found that may be good pets for some of you kids.  We included the name of the shelter they are at.  In the true season of giving, maybe some lucky family like yours can give these pets a good home.


Savannah is a sweet young lady with up to date rabies vaccinations. She has also been spayed and is looking for a warm place to sleep and a family to love her. Savannah is at:

Centerton Humane Shelter 

10404 AR-279 Centerton, Arkansas

(479) 795-0078



Bagera is a playful sweet short-haired cat who is house trained and good with other cats and dogs.  His vaccinations are up to date and he is neutered.  You can make Bagera your own by visiting: 

Bella Vista Animal Shelter

32 Bella Vista Way Bella Vista, Arkansas

(479) 855-6020


Tell us about your pet!

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