Kid Heroes: The Greatness of Gaby


Gaby R., our Kid Hero this month, had a birthday on September 11.  She attends Lowell Elementary School, and is one AWESOME kid. We’re going to tell you why.

Official Kids Mag found out Gaby celebrated her 10th birthday by getting donations for Lowell Animal Shelter.  This is the third year she has gotten donations instead of birthday presents just to help out the animals at the Shelter.  She has been doing this since she was 7 years old!

We asked her how she got started donating for her birthday, she said  “Every time I go into a shelter, I feel so bad that those animals don’t have a home and I just feel like I have a way to improve the way they live in the shelter, so I decided to donate.”

Gaby received lots of dog and cat food, toys, and other pet supplies.  Along with all the donations of items, she took any money donated and bought more stuff for the shelter.  Plus, we found out she donated items to the Springdale Animal Shelter too.  

She doesn’t just donate items. She donated the adoption fee for a kitty who needed a home at Wilson Zoo Cat Rescue.

And her pets came from a shelter. Her two cats, Honey Bun and Whiskers, have a great home with Gaby and her family.  

When Gaby grows up, she wants to be an animator or graphic designer. She told Official Kids Mag,  “When I was little I thought about working with animals, but I don’t like blood and stuff, and I didn’t want to do things like surgery.”

Official Kids Mag thinks Gaby has a huge heart, and her kindness goes a long, long way.  

By Renee Durham


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