Keeping Litter From “Growing”


Local 4-H kids recently helped clean up the earth and taught others about littering and recycling in a special event at the Scott Family Amazeum. 

These dedicated kids started at the Mercy Trailhead picking up litter in October. This was after the big flood, and the water level had gone down so the kids were able to get down in the creek bed and collect a lot of trash that day. The trash was cleaned by the 4-H leader Terri. Then, they took all the litter to the Amazeum for a special “Tossed” Community Spotlight on Saturday, November 9.

The theme of the event was “Keep litter from growing.” The 4-H kids used their leadership and creativity skills while helping make a sculpture out of litter. They all added to it and watched the trash “plant” grow. The kids stayed pretty busy helping about 95 kids have fun, be creative and think about all the things we throw away every day.