Green Kids: Recycled Jug Bird Feeder

bird feeder

Making a bird feeder is a great way to start watching birds in your backyard, and to provide a food source for energy, especially in the winter. And it won’t take long before the birds find the feeder and so you can watch them.

Here is an easy bird feeder to make by recycling a milk jug or large juice container.  The juice container is clearer than a milk jug so you should be able to see the birds better as they eat.

bird feeder


Bird Feeder tips

• If you live in a windy area, put a few rocks in the bottom of the bird feeder to help hold it steady.

• Poke some small holes in the bottom for water drainage so the food won’t get moldy or sour.

• Make sure to clean out your feed occasionally so the feed stays fresh.


To help you decide what kind of birds you want to attract, here is a chart from of what different kinds of food birds like.

bird feeder