Kids and Their Pets: AJ the Goat Lover

At Official Kids Mag, we love seeing all pets! We especially enjoy when the pets are a little out of the ordinary. Do you know anyone who has a goat as a pet? Our friend AJ has FOUR of them!

“My name is AJ. And this is Snowball, Loco, Silver and Sky. They are goats. They try to eat everything, so you have to make sure there is no litter around them. Some plants are bad for them too. They like to eat pine needles and blackberries and apples and carrots.”

AJ says “I like to feed the goats. There are three different kinds. Loco is a Kiko goat. That kind is from New Zealand. Sky is a long-eared girl goat. She is a South African Boer and she doesn’t like the boys cause they try to get all the snacks. Snowball and Silver are weird goats because they don’t have ears but they have big horns. They are La Mancha goats. That kind of goat comes from France.”

“Goats can be mean so you have to keep your eye on them. They sharpen their horns on the trees and butt each other in the head. They will try to head-butt people too so you have to be careful. These goats keep the weeds and blackberry vines cut down.”


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