Let’s go for Some H20: The Importance of Drinking Water

drinking water

Hey kids! Here’s another way to stay healthy and take care of your heart. And it might surprise you: drinking water!!

The American Heart Association of Northwest Arkansas and some other organizations – RB, Beaver Water District, Healthy Active Arkansas and Tyson Foods – recently brought 30 new water bottle filling stations to some Springdale schools this school year.

The stations, called H2O and GO, provide kids with more access to free, clean drinking water. Water is a basic human need that we can’t live without. (And it’s a much better choice than sugary drinks!) In Northwest Arkansas, our water comes from Beaver Lake and is made clean for drinking by Beaver Water District. Cities then supply water to the schools.

A recent study showed that school-age kids in Washington County and Benton County are more than 35% overweight or obese. 

Mary Miller, who is a Health Coordinator at the Springdale schools, works to help kids make healthier food and drink choices. She wants to help kids stay at a healthy weight and grow up to become healthy adults. Miller encourages kids to get in the habit of drinking water instead of sugary drinks.

 “We want that to be the norm – kids carrying bottles and knowing where they can get water and have it readily available,” says Mary.

The students’ reaction to the new stations lets her know she’s on the right track. Kids at the schools are lining up at the stations to fill their water bottles. Go, go H2O!!