Girl Scout Troop 5368 is Doing Big Things!

Girl Scout

Girl Scout service projects are a way for Girl Scout troops to give back to the community. Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts recently decided that police officers could use some cheering up, and wanted to show their appreciation for how the police protect everyone.

Girl Scout Troop 5368 of Fayetteville got together for a day in the kitchen, learning cooking skills and working on their cooking badges. They made chicken enchiladas, rice krispie treats, chips and salsa and other snacks.Then they delivered it to the evening shift at the Fayetteville Police Department. The police gave Troop 5368 a tour of the facility while they were there.

Another service project Troop 5368 did involved Lifesource. Lifesource has a food pantry, an afterschool program and a summer camp. Also, once a month they host a Saturday senior lunch.

For the Saturday senior lunch, people come early and socialize, then they get lunch and take home a bag of groceries.

Troop 5368 brought banana bread and zucchini bread for breakfast; and asked Starbucks on College Avenue to provide coffee. Before lunch, the Girl Scouts from Troop 5368 had it all set up. They had coloring sheets and colored with the seniors. They made bracelets and other crafts. When lunch was ready, they helped serve the meal and ate lunch with the seniors.

When lunch was done, the girls helped clean up. When the seniors were ready to leave, the girls helped pack up the food pantry bags and gave them to their guests.

For all of the service projects, the troops have to buy their own supplies. The money comes from fundraising through cookie sales and fall product sales.

Official Kids Mag gives Troop 5368 a big Kid Hero thumbs up for helping to make our world a better place.