It’s Just Plain Weird: Houses Made From Recycled Plastic & Unlikely Friends


Houses from Recycled Plastic

This sounds like an awesome idea. A company formed in 2013 in Puebla, Mexico, called Eco Domum, is using discarded plastic trash to form panels to build houses.

It is the brainchild of Carlos Daniel Gonzalez who identified the need for low cost housing in the area and came up with this solution. He partnered with local trash collectors to take their discarded plastic—a process that keeps the plastic out of landfills as well as paying higher wages to the local trash collectors. Molten liquid plastic is baked and then molded and then sent through a hydraulic press where it is crystallized and compressed into panels.

One small house requires around 80 panels which amounts to approximately two tons of plastic. Each panel is 8’ by 4’ by I inch. It takes about a week to construct a house (walls and a roof) and the cost is around $300. (Habitat for Humanity takes about 8 months to build a house.) This is, of course, the basic structure and everything else must then be added. And it’s very small ranging from 430 to 460 square feet.

Only time will tell if this will be a lasting solution to a worldwide need for cheap housing.


Unlikely Friends

Neal Sharma and his research team at Post’s Wildlife Linkages Program monitor 50 remote control cameras near major roadways in the Santa Cruz Mountain areas. Culverts under the highways allow animals to cross safely between habitats. Creating a network of protected open spaces in Post’s mission so that the regional wildlife can thrive.

This interaction between a playful coyote and a badger has never been seen before as the coyote appears to invite the badger to follow him through the culvert.

See the video here!