Enjoy Some Green Reading: Earth Day Book List


Fancy Nancy Every Day Is Earth Day

By Jane O’Connor, 2010

Fancy Nancy, in her usual enthusiastic style, challenges her family to “get greener”. Some of her efforts work well, other create problems, but in the end, everyone nds that “Being green can also be very fancy.”


Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration

By Alyssa Satin Capucille, 2010

This is a sweet book with a simple story and clear, colorful illustrations that explains Earth Day to very young readers.


Compost Stew An A to Z Recipe for the Earth

By Mary McKenna Siddals, illustrated by Ashley Wolff, 2010

This wonderful book for “Environmental chefs” explains the process of composting to young readers and describes speci c items that can or should be put into the compost pile. The charming artwork looks like colorful patchwork.


Why Should I Save Water?, Why Should I Save Energy?, Why Should I Recycle?, Why Should I Protect Nature?

By Jen Green and illustrated by Mike Gorden

Though an older series, published 2001 – 2005, the ideas and suggestions are still relevant. Each book describes behaviors that don’t preserve the earth and its resources then provides suggestions on how to change those behaviors.


What Happens to Our Trash

By D.J. Ward and illustrated by Paul Meisel, 2012

The title aptly describes this book. The descriptions of land fills and the time it takes for various items to break down explains to older children the complicated process of what happens to our trash. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are explained in specific detail using products children will recognize – including Hershey Kiss wrappers.


Curious George Discovers Recycling

By H. A. Rey, 2017

After George learns about recycling from the doorman, the man in the yellow hat takes him to the recycling center to see what happens to items after they are recycled. The story line is simple for smaller children, and the sidebar explanations give older children a more thorough understanding of the recycling process.


Not for me, please! I choose to act green

By Maria Godsey and illustrated by Christoph J. Kellner, 2020

The rhyming verses in the story are easy to read and easy to repeat making this a terri c book for young children and beginning readers. After realizing how destructive trash can be to the environment and wildlife, Luke decides to change his ways. He explains what happens to discarded items when those items are not disposed of properly. All the discarded items are things children will recognize. The information in the footers are compelling, especially for older children or adults. The illustrations are bold, colorful, busy, and fun to look at.


What a Waste

By Jess French 2019

A non-fiction book, made with responsibly sourced materials and soy ink, that covers an extensive array of environmental issues, including many not discussed in other books – things like space waste, polluted oceans, and fabric waste. The statistics are startling. The amount of information impressive. Every page holds a surprise.

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