Kids Grow: You & the Trees


A great way to get to know trees is to explore your yard, take a walk, or visit a park. Try these activities with the favorite trees you find.

Let’s explore the tree’s parts: 

BRANCHES are like the tree’s arms. Can you put your own arms near the tree’s branches?

BARK is like the tree’s skin. It keeps the tree protected and covered all over — just like your skin protects you! Feel your skin — now feel the tree’s bark. What’s the difference? Describe how each one feels.

ROOTS are like the tree’s feet. They keep the tree sturdy and hold it to the ground — just like your feet keep you sturdy. Roots also help the tree soak up water. Can you put your own feet near the tree’s roots?

Can you make your body into the shape of a tree? Pretend your feet are the tree’s roots, you stomach is the tree’s trunk, and your arms are the tree’s branches. Can you move your body like a tree in the wind? Can you shake your arms like tree branches in the rain?

Can you draw a picture of your tree and all its parts? Will you use a pencil, chalk, paint or markers? Or will you use your finger in the dirt?


Test Your Earth Knowledge