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Catch Some Rain: Create a Rain Catcher

Every time it rains, water runs off surfaces, such as roofs, and flows across land, collecting dirt, fertilizer, oil or garbage along the way. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that pollutants carried by rain water runoff account for 70% of all water pollution. A rain catcher can...

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Attracting Butterflies: Make a Butterfly Puddle

Attract butterflies to your garden by adding a special water and nutrient source for them. Butterfly puddles are a great way to bring them around! Materials: Shallow container Sand Soil, composted manure, or salt Instructions: Puddles or other shallow water sources are important, primarily for male butterflies, as a source...

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Reading List: Books About Rain and Water

Rain Reign (Chapter Book) by Ann M. Martin Grades: 3rd-5th grade Format: Library to Go or Libby App This is a story about the challenges facing a young girl and her dog growing up in a complicated and frightening world. Rose Howard is obsessed with homonyms. She’s thrilled that her...

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Homeschoolers Write ‘Language That Sings’ in Poem Workshop

Aren’t these word pictures beautiful and surprising? Each poem was written by kids like you! They help us look at familiar things in a new way through a special tool of language called a simile. Each image compares two very different things using the word “like,” and the writers...

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Being Careful With Water Is Good for Our Earth

Many people in the world do not have enough clean water to drink or to use for washing themselves and their food. You can find ways to use less every day, and clever ways to re-use it. Here are some of them: 1. Turn off the faucets When brushing your teeth...

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Some Wild Arkansas Fish Tales

Two Records in One Day The chances of catching a state-record fish are extremely small. Two anglers catching two records the same day, from the same boat seems impossible, but it happened! On April 15, 1984, William Garvey of Indianapolis caught a 5-pound, 2-ounce white bass on the Arkansas...

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A Fish with Whiskers: Catfish

They are fun to fish for. You can keep them in an aquarium. And, they make a tasty meal. No matter how you enjoy them, catfish are fascinating underwater creatures. With the exception of Antarctica, they live on all continents and are believed to include 3,000 different species. Some are...

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