Kids and Their Pets: Cayden and Gator


From basketball to ducks and strawberry ice cream, Gator is one amazing dog.

Caden C. says whether there’s “rain, sleet or snow,” his dog Gator “is always ready to go.” The black lab, who turned three in February, loves his “woobie” (his frisbee). “We taught him to hunt, but somewhere in there he taught himself to catch a frisbee,”

Caden said with a grin. Caden, his mom and dad, and Gator, of course, live in Fayetteville.

Besides playing frisbee, Gator has fun helping Caden play basketball. “He’s always there to defend and rebound.”

Gator knows his rights as the family pet. “If you don’t pay attention to him while he begs with his eyes, he starts with all his tricks — sit, roll over, speak and high five.” He has quiet times too. “At night he comes and gets me at 6:00 on the dot to feed him, with a gentle head laid on my shoulder. Then about 8:00 he does the same for dessert. His favorite is strawberry ice cream!” Caden said his family got Gator when the dog was six weeks old from a friend in Goshen, Arkansas.

“One of his favorite things to do is go see his mom.” he has a mischievous streak in him. If the door is accidentally left open, he bolts out and goes on adventures. So Mom or Dad will drive around the neighborhood looking for him. One Sunday afternoon, Gator went missing for a longer time than usual. Caden and a couple of his friends ran from house to house asking if anyone had seen him and calling out for him. His dad drove all around town. He finally found the runaway miles from home checking out ducks at a lake. Smart, lovable, skillful, (sometimes) naughty—that’s the amazing Gator all in one!



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