Attracting Butterflies: Make a Butterfly Puddle


Attract butterflies to your garden by adding a special water and nutrient source for them. Butterfly puddles are a great way to bring them around!


  • Shallow container
  • Sand
  • Soil, composted manure, or salt


Puddles or other shallow water sources are important, primarily for male butterflies, as a source of salt and amino acids. If you have no naturally occurring puddles, try making one to add to your garden.

  1. Locate a shallow container like a large clay or plastic pot saucer. The only requirement for your container is that it be able to hold water.
    1. Fill your container with sand up to the very top.
    2. To provide the salts and amino acids the butterflies are searching for, add a small amount of soil, composted manure or a pinch of salt and mix with your sand.
    3. Smooth out your sand and create a slight indention in the center for your puddle.
    4. Add water and then place in your garden. Next sit back and watch for large congregations of male butterflies and their drinking buddies.
    5. Replace water as needed. Depending on the weather, you may need to add more water every couple of days.

    Want to add more accessories? Try placing a couple of flat, dark stones in your garden to offer a spot where butterflies can bask in the sun and warm their bodies for flying.