Kids and Their Pets: Gatlin and His Best Friends


Six-year-old Gatlin S. of Bella Vista has a cat that acts like a dog, and a dog that acts like a cat! And they’re best friends.

He got his cat, Pearl, about 3 years ago. He wanted a grey cat, and he got lucky because a friend had a litter of two kittens. One of them was grey.

Gatlin says that Pearl thinks she’s a dog. She comes up to people and wants to be petted. She will even follow his family when they go on a walk, just like a dog.

About a year after he got Pearl, he got a real dog and named him Spot.

Spot came from the Joplin Humane Society, and he was only 11 weeks old. Gatlin called him Spot, because he was covered in spots. You can’t see all of Spot’s spots anymore, Gatlin says, unless his fur is shaved, but they’re there! He likes Spot better when he’s fluffy.

Pearl and Spot quickly became friends and play together all the time.

Spot will curl up and sleep at the end of Gatlin’s bed, sort of like a cat. And Spot loves to cuddle. But in most ways, Spot is a true dog, and Gatlin’s best friend. He has taught Spot a lot of tricks, including “sit,” “lay down,” “play dead” and “shake.”

Gatlin and Spot love playing fetch together. And Spot loves sticks.

Bones are Spot’s favorite treat.

Gatlin says the best thing about having a dog is “they’re always your best friend. When your friends aren’t around, your dog is always there.”


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