Lilly’s Fairy Garden

fairy garden

Last spring, Official Kids Mag told you about creating a fairy garden, or a tiny habitat you can make for imaginary fairies.

Lilly M., 5, has built an amazing fairy garden in her yard, and she wrote to tell us about it and sent us pictures of her magical creation. Lilly had seen pictures of fairy gardens and thought it would be a fun project to do.

We talked to her about how she created her fairy garden.

“It was made with imagination and love of course, and help from Grandma & Grandpa,” she says.

She started by making a small fairy garden last year, and she loved it so much she decided it would be even more fun to make a larger one. Lilly had a great time creating the garden and says the most fun part was making the beach section, “because we picked out the items and let our imaginations decide where to put them.”

She started her garden in March, and it has grown bigger and bigger and now covers an area that’s about eight feet long in her yard. But she says it’s still not finished.

“It’s never really done because we always find a plant or flower or something else to add to it,” Lilly says happily.


You can learn more about making your own fairy garden here: