Recycled Halloween Crafts


Hey kids! Here are two great crafts to make using recycled materials that might otherwise end up in the trash! Do your part to clean up the earth and make some fun decorations for Halloween at the same time!


Recycled Paper Pumpkins


Old magazines or catalogs

Toilet paper rolls

Sticks from outside

Paint brush

Orange paint

Masking tape (optional)


1. Cut or tear pages out of old magazines or catalogs. (About 10 or 12 pages for one pumpkin.)

2. Scrunch up the pages, lengthwise,or corner to corner, so that you have long scrunched up pieces of paper.

3. Put one end of the paper in top of toilet paper tube and the other end in the bottom. Just bend the ends and stuff it in. No need to glue it. Repeat with the other scrunched magazine pages, working around the tube.

4. Choose one side to be up and one to be down.

5. Use masking tape if you want to tape down any pieces that are sticking out.

6. Paint with some orange paint.

7. Finish by putting a stick in the top hole for a stem. You can also cut the toilet paper roll in half to make a shorter pumpkin.


Milk Jug Ghosts

Spooky ghouls to keep watch over your sidewalk or driveway!


Empty milk jugs

Black Sharpie markers


Knife or scissors


Mini lights


1. Clean out your empty milk jug.

2. Draw a Halloween or ghost face using a pencil and then color it in with a permanent marker.

3. On the opposite side of the face, cut a 3 sided opening flap just about 2 inches wide and 2 inches tall. (Ask your adult for help with this part)

4. Place a few rocks in the bottom of your milk jugs to weigh them down, so they don’t fall over or blow away.

5. In the same opening, add part of the string of lights. Then lead the lights to the next opening. Put about 5 to 7 lights in each jug.