Meet Duke & Dixie – Rosa & Sylvie’s Pets


Rosa and Sylvie H. of Fayetteville are the proud owners of several pets, and the two shown in this photo are those we could wrangle on a fall afternoon. Duke is an eight-year-old Labrador mix that the family adopted from Fayetteville Animal Shelter. Dixie, a corgi mix, was adopted from Spay Arkansas.

Rosa, nine, says she is the one who feeds the dogs and gives them treats daily. They sleep at her feet a lot, and bark when there are noises at night, making make her feel safe. She says, “they’re pretty, fluffy, nice and have small brains!”

Rosa’s sister Sylvie, eight, says she likes to take the dogs outside along with their other lab mix, Bates. When she can find their toys, she likes to play with them and walk them in the neighborhood. Sometimes, she may even dress Dixie up in clothes, and the bigger dogs, hats. At night she likes to snuggle with them all. Sylvie says dogs definitely make life better! She’d also like to add that she feeds the cat!


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