We’re Grateful for Doctors & Nurses!


Hey kids! Do you get scared about going to the doctor? Lots of kids do. But going to the doctor is how we stay healthy. And it isn’t something to be afraid of.

You might think that going to the doctor means you’re sick. You might be scared it will hurt. But sometimes, we go to the doctor for a check-up, just to make sure we are healthy.

What happens at a check up? You might have to wait in the waiting room before your appointment, so bring along a favorite game or book to keep you busy while you wait.

Then, a nurse will weigh you and measure your height to see how much you’ve grown. They may take your temperature by putting a thermometer under your tongue. It doesn’t hurt! They might take your blood pressure by putting something around your arm, which blows up like a balloon and then deflates. That doesn’t hurt either! When you go into the exam, room the doctor might listen to your heartbeat using a tool called a stethoscope. It might be cold, but it won’t hurt. They may look at your throat and in your ears with a special instrument with a light on it. Easy and painless!

Then there’s the BIG question — “Am I going to get a shot?” You won’t get a shot or vaccine every time you go to the doctor, but your adult can ask the doctor or nurse when you get there. A shot can pinch or sting but it will only last for a second. If you’re feeling really nervous ask your adult if you can bring along a favorite toy or listen to your favorite music. Maybe your adult will give you a favorite snack afterwards.

We understand that you may get nervous before your doctor’s appointment, but doctors and nurses are our friends. Talk to your adult about why you’re nervous and ask them anything you’re wondering about. You can also ask the doctor or nurse to explain things that you don’t understand. They are there to help.