Official Kids Mag – our children’s magazine for Central and Northwest Arkansas – is now published monthly.

Official Kids Mag and OfficialKidsMag.com are filled with stories, photos and activities for kids. The best part, it’s written and photographed by “kids at heart.”

Official Kids Mag is specially designed for kids in kindergarten through the sixth grade.  The glossy magazine is full of local kid hero profiles, features, events, recipes, games, puzzles, coloring and activity pages, and educational stories written just for kids.

Our monthly Official Kids Mag and OfficialKidsMag.com is a hit with kids, parents and teachers, but mainly kids!

In every edition we will tell the amazing story of a kid making a difference in Northwest Arkansas every day.

I want to take a moment to thank our teachers and parents for their efforts with kids in our area.  I am amazed by some on the stories we have been working on for this and upcoming issues.

I should mention the time and effort put into Official Kids Mag by our advertising and creative staff.

Many staff members work on this fun project each month. They work tirelessly to make sure each issue is a fantastic magazine filled with great images, awesome design and amazing stories.

I’d love to hear from kids, parents and sponsors on topics you would like to see in upcoming issues. Email me at bpowers@officialkidsmag.com

Thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, Official Kids Mag can be offered as both an educational resource and a fun guide for kids. Pick up a copy at more than 125 rack locations, in your school, or email us to request a future copy.


Brent A. Powers,

Official Kids Mag


“Wisdom begins in wonder.”  – Socrates