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The Boy Who Beat Leukemia

By Suzanne Rhodes “Good times.” That’s not what you’d expect a kid to say about his years in and out of the hospital battling leukemia. But then Ryan Durby isn’t exactly an ordinary 11-year-old. The smart, funny fifth-grader at Owl Creek Middle School doesn’t exactly like talking about his...

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Let’s go camping!

There are more than 50 state parks and national forests across The Natural State, and plenty of other public campgrounds all around, so you can find one near you wherever you are. Check out this list of campgrounds near Northwest Arkansas, or have your adult search or

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It’s Just Plain Weird

Flamingos of Mumbai For the past few years, Mumbai, India has experienced increasing numbers of flamingos visiting a part of the city. Most seasons record 20,000 to 40,000 of the pink, long-legged visitors. But this year, flamingo counts tally around 120,000. The Bombay Natural History Society monitor the flamingos...

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Running the Hogeye

By Renee Durham Official Kids Mag Early Saturday, April 6, seven-year-old Jacob H. got up when it was still dark out, earlier than on school days.  He had a light breakfast of a lemon flavored granola bar and set out complete the Hogeye Run, his first 5K race....

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Bring it to the Bin

Kids Grow Green in Northwest Arkansas Last month, kids from all over our area went to the Bentonville Square’s First Friday event. The theme of the event was “Growing Greener,” and while they had fun, kids learned a little about recycling and protecting the earth. From bottles made from...

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