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sounds of Africa

The Sounds of Africa… in Arkansas?

You know what a lion’s roar sounds like, but have you ever heard one “carol”? Lions make many more noises other than their traditional roar. A collection of vocalizations and noises that come from their diaphragms is called “caroling” and can often be heard for miles.

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pet health

A Kid’s Best Friend: Tips for Good Pet Health

Dr. Jack Herring knows a thing or three about dogs and how to keep them healthy and happy. But, he said, it all starts with picking the perfect pooch for your family. “I like Boston terriers because they are indestructible,” the Oklahoma State University trained veterinarian said. “They can...

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farmer's market

Family Affair: The Local Farmer’s Market

Chandun O’Neal enjoyed his recent trip to the kids day at the Fayetteville Farmers Market. “I like that you get to have fun,” the 6-year-old Holcomb Elementary School student said. “It’s fun to come with friends. It’s just cool and fun hanging out.” That morning, Chandun played in a...

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titanic museum

Iceberg! Titanic Museum Attraction and Interactive Experience

A lot of kids love the tale of the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic, her passengers and crew. Shane Leftwich is one of those kids. “It’s cool and sad learning about this stuff,” he said, standing at the bottom of a replica of the leviathan’s grand staircase. “I liked coming here...

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back to school

Back to School Blues: Area Kids Not Ready to Return to Class

Emelia and Helen Hesselgren have mixed emotions about heading back to school following a summer of fun and frolic. “I’m not really excited,” Emelia said. “I don’t know about waking up early.” Emelia’s identical twin sister, Helen, was even less enthusiastic about the prospect.

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