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Recycled Halloween Crafts

Hey kids! Here are two great crafts to make using recycled materials that might otherwise end up in the trash! Do your part to clean up the earth and make some fun decorations for Halloween at the same time! Recycled Paper Pumpkins Supplies Old magazines or catalogs Toilet...

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Local Kids Create Treasures Out of Trash

Some kids in our area recently competed in a very unique art contest. They created art while cleaning up the environment at the same time. That’s because their artwork was made of litter that they had picked up in our area. Other people’s trash …became their treasures! This is...

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Grow an Avocado Tree

After you are finished making guacamole with your avocado, save the pit so you can grow your own avocado tree. It’s easy and it will grow HUGE! After you remove the pit from the avocado carefully (without cutting it), wash off all the avocado fruit. Be careful not to...

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Kids in the Kitchen: Niños en la Cocina

In this month’s kids in the kitchen feature, we are teaching you how to make some traditional hispanic dishes using tasty ingredients in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are a few of our favorites! Polvorones (Mexican sugar cookies) Ingredients • 2 cups flour • 3/4 cup...

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Dover Lights

Dover Lights

Arkansas has myths and folklore like many other states, and one of the biggest remains a mystery to this day. The Dover Lights have puzzled thousands of people living and traveling through the Ozarks. Those who have seen the lights say that they are very strange indeed. People report that...

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Reading List: Find the Perfect Book to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

This month’s reading list is brought to you by the Springdale Public Library. The library is now renting books by appointment only. They are offering online story times in English and Spanish, craft tutorials, S.T.E.A.M. videos and more, posted every weekday on their Facebook page. In celebration of Hispanic...

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Making Waves: Safe Swimming Tips

What did you do this summer? Maybe you went swimming! Swimming is super fun and great exercise for kids and grown-ups too! Swimming is good way to release for all that energy you build up through the day! Lots of kids in Northwest Arkansas are learning to be safer in...

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A Zoo Full of Pets

Some kids have a dog. Others have a cat. Some have both. But Aspen and Leah B. of Lowell, Arkansas, have so many pets they can’t even count them all. “Maybe about 1,000?” guesses 10-year-old Aspen. “More like 100,” says 9-year-old Leah. There is a giant Percheron draft horse,...

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Autumn equinox

Welcome Fall! Autumn equinox day

September, 22, 2020 is the Autumn equinox. What does that mean? The Autumn equinox is officially the beginning of fall. It is the day where there are exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at the equator. Starting at the equinox, there are less and less...

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