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Make Paper Flowers (Flores de Papel) for Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by making these colorful flowers! To make a one flower you will need: 1 green chenille stem/pipe cleaner 3 sheets (12-by-6-inch sheets or larger) of colored tissue paper. We used white, blue & pink. Ruler & scissors  Prepare the tissue paper. Take the tissue paper out...

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Hispanic Heritage Month

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the cultures, histories and contributions of Americans whose ancestors come from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. This year, it starts on Tuesday, September 15, and ends on October 15. Who started Hispanic Heritage Month? It...

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It’s Just Plain Weird: A Message in a Bottle and a Website for Bugs

Fisherman Finds Message in a Bottle In April 2019, third graders at Greensboro Day School in North Carolina were given the assignment to write messages and put them in bottles. It was part of their “Pirate Day” celebrations. Vivian Byerly’s note included a note that said, “If you find...

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fairy garden

Lilly’s Fairy Garden

Last spring, Official Kids Mag told you about creating a fairy garden, or a tiny habitat you can make for imaginary fairies. Lilly M., 5, has built an amazing fairy garden in her yard, and she wrote to tell us about it and sent us pictures of her magical...

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A Wise Idea Becomes an Invention: Sofia Overton

Right here in Northwest Arkansas, a 14-year-old used her imagination to create something she thought kids could use. Sofia Overton, of Bentonville, is the founder of Wise Pocket Products. Her company produces a line of clothing made for active kids, with built-in pockets to put stuff in. She came...

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Kids and Their Pets: Gatlin and His Best Friends

Six-year-old Gatlin S. of Bella Vista has a cat that acts like a dog, and a dog that acts like a cat! And they’re best friends. He got his cat, Pearl, about 3 years ago. He wanted a grey cat, and he got lucky because a friend had a litter...

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Throw Your Dog a Birthday Paw-ty

Does your dog know when it’s their birthday? Probably not, but they’ll enjoy a party anyway. If you don’t know your dog’s birthday, celebrate the day they came to live with you. Or choose a day to celebrate! Either way, it will be tail-wagging fun!! Here are some ideas:...

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Books About Invention and Imagination

Books about inventions and imagination are an important part of stimulating the minds of kids. Check out our awesome list! Iggy Peck Architect (Picture Book) by Andrea Beatty Kindergarten and First Grade Ever since he was a baby, Iggy Peck has built towers, bridges, and buildings, which comes...

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