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Kids and Their Pets: Cayden and Gator

From basketball to ducks and strawberry ice cream, Gator is one amazing dog. Caden C. says whether there’s “rain, sleet or snow,” his dog Gator “is always ready to go.” The black lab, who turned three in February, loves his “woobie” (his frisbee). “We taught him to hunt, but...

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Kid Heroes: Where There’s a Willa There’s a Way

Imagine doctors telling your parents that you’ll never be able to do anything in life because you have a disability. Wouldn’t that be a downer? Well, that’s what they told Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw when Willa was born at only 27 weeks and suffered from a serious brain injury. The...

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May Is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a resolution that created Asian Pacific American Heritage week. 1990, President George H. W. Bush expanded the celebration from a week to a month. Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated in May to commemorate the arrival in May 1843 of the first...

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Kids and Their Pets: Allan’s Parakeets

Their colors are pretty as jewels. Fourth grader Allan A. is raising and caring for eight blue, green and mixed-hue parakeets. Two of them are tiny chicks who live in a nest box and will be old enough to share the big cage with the other birds in a...

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Hello Mars! Communicating with Curiosity

With cell phones and the internet, we’re used to communicating with anyone, anywhere, quickly and easily. But how do scientists communicate with things that aren’t on our planet—such as the Curiosity rover on Mars? This communication beyond Earth is a bit more complicated. We communicate with spacecraft using radio signals....

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Kid Heroes: Josie and Courtney

What do you get when you multiply two best friends with a powerful cause? The answer is a school community club that’s raised money for families of sick children, cleaned up the environment, supported the troops and made plans to collect supplies for an animal shelter. We chose Josie A. and...

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Enjoy Some Green Reading: Earth Day Book List

Fancy Nancy Every Day Is Earth Day By Jane O’Connor, 2010 Fancy Nancy, in her usual enthusiastic style, challenges her family to “get greener”. Some of her efforts work well, other create problems, but in the end, everyone nds that “Being green can also be very fancy.” Biscuit’s Earth...

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cosmic cavern

Weird & Wonderful in Arkansas: Cosmic Cavern Wonders

Have you ever seen things that are out of place, like a hat on a fence post or a cellphone on a sidewalk? How about Santa Claus in a cave? How about bacon? Well, if you tour the amazing Cosmic Cavern in Berryville, Arkansas, and descend 400 feet into its...

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Aah-Choo! What are Allergies?

Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to things that are typically harmless to most people. When a person is allergic to something, the immune system mistakenly believes that this substance is harming the body. What is the immune system? The immune system is the body’s defense against infections. The...

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That’s just Squirrely! Fun Facts About Squirrels

Hey kids! Did you learn anything about slugs in the March issue of Official Kids Mag? We sure did! This month we’re going to take a closer look at a feisty little creature who is always busy scurrying around. Squirrels. Squirrels are fast climbers especially when going up and down...

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