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girl scouts

Girl Scouts Take Off for Exciting New Adventures

Some Girl Scouts from Troop 5114 in Fayetteville recently traveled to New York and New Jersey on their way to brand new worlds. They were part of a special group of 100 girls from around the country who were chosen to travel to Girl Scouts of the USA headquarters in...

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cute kid contest

Cute Kid Contest Winner: Timothy Kinser

It’s official, Timothy Kinser of Siloam Springs is a cute kid. The panel of judges challenged to sift through all of the Official Kids Mag Cute Kid Contest entries had a tough time deciding on the winner.

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Building Blocks of Fun: LEGOmania Event

If you like building with LEGO, you are not alone. The building blocks are one of the best-selling toys of all time. They were named the “Toy of the Century” in 2000 and they’re even in the National Toy Hall of Fame®.

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bat facts

That’s Batty: Bat Facts That Will Surprise You!

Books and Hollywood have done much to villainize bats, which many people perceive to be dangerous, blood-sucking creatures that prey on unsuspecting victims. However, bats are far less menacing than that. 

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games for halloween

Scary (But Not Too Scary) Games for Halloween

Halloween’s right around the corner and what better way to spend some time than scaring ourselves — but not too much though. We don’t want those nightmares to keep you up, you have school the next day after all. This is a list of family friendly games that have...

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day of the dead

Day of the Dead: A Mexican Holiday Celebration

Day of the Dead is a celebration filled with dancing, wearing colorful costumes, eating favorite foods, and celebrating life. Hundreds of years ago in Mexico the native peoples who lived there had a celebration for the dead. They believed that spirits of their dead relatives returned to earth once...

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pumpkin carving ideas

Happy Halloween: A Guide to Pumpkin Carving

Toothy grins and a mesmerizing orange glow help make jack-o’-lanterns captivating sights come Halloween. Pumpkin carving is an autumn tradition and runs the gamut of simple designs to more intricate artwork worthy of any medium. Although anyone can grab a pumpkin and get started, when done correctly, jack-o’-lantern designs...

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mischief night

What’s Mischief Night?

Come the end of October, kids across the country, just like you, eagerly await the tricks and treats of Halloween. Plenty of fun is to be had on October 31, when hordes of costume-clad kids and adults scour neighborhoods on the hunt for the best candy. But prior to...

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