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That’s Batty!

Bats are our friends Special to Official Kids Mag Books and Hollywood have done much to villainize bats, which many people perceive to be dangerous, blood-sucking creatures that prey on unsuspecting victims. However, bats are far less menacing than that.  While there are bats that feed on blood (vampire...

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Day of the Dead Celebration

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Latin America as a celebration of life By Kim Marquez • Day of the Dead is a celebration filled with dancing, wearing colorful costumes, eating favorite foods, and celebrating life. Hundreds of years ago in...

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What’s Mischief Night?

Special to Official Kids Mag Come the end of October, kids across the country, just like you, eagerly await the tricks and treats of Halloween. Plenty of fun is to be had on October 31, when hordes of costume-clad kids and adults scour neighborhoods on the hunt for...

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It’s Just Plain Weird

Spiders Help Cool the Arctic So, here’s an unusual chain of events—Arctic wolf spiders are getting larger. And as a result of the increased populations and increased population densities, the spiders have changed their eating habits. Wolf spiders were known to eat a fungus-eating arthropod known as a springtail....

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